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Level Up and Game with Delight

Gamrz Delight: Video Game Arcade

Discover the ultimate gaming destination at Gamrz Delight; the best video game arcade in Orlando! Step into a lounge-like haven designed for serious gamers who crave next-level interactive experiences. With enormous TV screens before you, nestled on comfortable modern sofas, prepare to embark on thrilling gaming adventures!

Take your pick from an impressive lineup of games across various platforms. Immerse yourself in the Xbox Series X, indulge in the Nintendo Switch, take a peak into the future with our BRAND NEW VR racing station, or delight yourself to the PlayStation 4, with PS5 offerings coming soon!

Dive into the vintage console experience, boasting a collection of over 10,000 retro video games. Gamrz Delight blends the thrill of modern and vintage gaming, just like its counterpart, The Pinball Palace, located inside Dezerland Park Orlando.

Immerse yourself in a world where cutting-edge technology meets nostalgic gameplay, and level up your game with delight at Gamrz Delight!

PS4 video game controller with blue and purple LED lights at Gamrz Delight

Video Games

Discover the ultimate gaming experience at Gamrz Delight, a modern video game arcade located at Dezerland Park Orlando. Immerse yourself in the latest and best video games and indulge in retro gaming classics. Our family-friendly arcade is a haven for gamers of all ages, offering a diverse selection of gaming experiences that cater to every taste. Discover the perfect balance between vintage and modern excitement at Gamrz Delight, where you can level up your game!


Explore captivating virtual worlds by engaging in adrenaline-pumping VR racing! With our state-of-the-art VR technology, get ready to be transported to extraordinary realms of gaming. Unlock endless possibilities with our diverse range of virtual reality experiences. Immerse yourself in the excitement of VR gaming and create memories that will last a lifetime at Gamrz Delight!

Child playing VR racing game inside Gamrz Delight
People enjoying Gamrz Delight video game lounge

Parties and Events

Host the ultimate gaming party or event at Gamrz Delight! Our arcade offers a wide selection of the best video games, including popular titles for Xbox, PS4, VR and Nintendo Switch. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, corporate event, or just want to gather with friends, our dedicated staff will ensure a memorable and fun-filled experience. With customizable party packages and a vibrant atmosphere, Gamrz Delight is the perfect venue for an unforgettable celebration!

2 people playing Super Smash Bros inside Gamrz Delight

Level up Your Game at Gamrz Delight!

Come on down and experience what Gamrz Delight at Dezerland Park Orlando has to offer! Gamrz Delight is truly the best video game arcade in Orlando; where we offer over 400+ modern and retro video games featured on the Xbox, PS4, VR and Nintendo Switch!


Mon to Thu – 12PM to 9PM

Holiday Schedule

Thanksgiving – CLOSED
Christmas Eve – 12PM to 6PM
Christmas Day – 2PM to 10PM
New Year’s Eve – 12PM to 9PM
New Year’s Day – 11AM to 10PM


5250 International Drive, Orlando Florida, 32819

Gamrz Delight Orlando Testimonials

Based on 18 reviews
Alex Badillo (Ale Ale)
Alex Badillo (Ale Ale)
July 22, 2023
Awesome and fun place for gamers and people to pass time playing games. I Loved the VR’s and since it was my first time I had a wonderful experience with the games and the nice staffs that are always there to help. for me this place is 10/10.
Andrew Schafer
Andrew Schafer
July 20, 2023
I took my family here and we had a blast. We will be back for sure, they are already asking to.
Psylocke Fox
Psylocke Fox
July 20, 2023
My first look at a VR experience. It looked amazing and super fun! Bring the family! Lots of fun to be had!
Cheryl Fox
Cheryl Fox
July 19, 2023
After seeing the rave reviews, my husband and I wanted to check out the VR experience and I’m so glad we did, we had so much fun! They have an amazing selection of games, over 40! The facility is super clean and the staff is amazing! This place is great for date night, friend's night, group outings, or birthdays! We will be back!! *** Highly recommend ***
Jaylene De La Cruz
Jaylene De La Cruz
July 17, 2023
Really cool and affordable place to come hang out! Lots of cool games to choose from. The staff is really nice!!
mcruz adonys
mcruz adonys
July 17, 2023
The ascetics of the place is awesome,the owners are so inviting and there are so many games to choose from. I played for what I thought was 30 min and it ended up being almost 2 hours. Definitely recommend checking this place out!
Tracey Rice
Tracey Rice
July 10, 2023
My grandkids brought me here and we had a blast they insisted I play this virtual reality game and I had so much fun even at 60 I will definitely make this a stop again for family outings

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