Pricing at GAMRZ dELIGHT

3 people enjoy playing FIFA together at Gamrz Delight

1 hour Gamrz Delight

Price: $13.50

Get access to our Gamrz Delight video game arcade in Orlando, featuring 400+ modern and retro video games!

1 hour Pinball Palace

Price: $15.00

Get access inside the Pinball Palace plus any pinball game on our 83 available pinball machines!

Kids playing on pinball machines inside the pinball palace
Ping Pong rackets and ball resting upon blue ping pong table at Dezerland Park Orlando

Bar Games

Price: $13.95

Bar games include billiards and ping pong!

All inclusive pass

Price: $40.00

Get access to EVERYTHING inside: Pinball Palace, Gamrz Delight, billiards and ping pong! *VR IS NOT INCLUDED*

Pinball machines inside the Pinball Palace
Virtual Reality Racing set-up located inside Gamrz Delight

Virtual Reality Games

Price: $25.00 for 3o min, $40.00 for 60 min

Get access to our brand new Virtual Reality station! Station has comfortable racecar seating, accessible clutch and responsive steering wheel!

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